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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall Beauty Inspiration

 {matching lips & nails in a burgundy hue}

As the seasons change so do the hues in my make up bag. Here's a little beauty inspiration I plan to try out this fall some of which include: berry saturated lips, weathered cheeks, & geometric eyeliner.

{berry saturated lips}
{a very dramatic & geometric eye liner} 
{feminine ponytail with a touch of ribbon}
{weathered cheeks}


  1. I'm also planning to experiment a little more with eyeliner and I love the berry lips look! Gorgeous inspiration photos.


  2. This looks amazing. I love the color burgundy in fall. You can see this also on my new outfit post. Please take a look
    xo, Petra

  3. I love the dark lipstick! I just wish I wasn't a pale redhead! It makes me look like a vampire!!

  4. I love the berry lips and the pony with a touch of ribbon! Excited to try both:)
    xx, amy


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