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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

If you really knew me...

As of lately, I've had a sudden urge to share more of myself on my blog, get back into writing, and maybe even become vulnerable along the way. The idea of this seems challenging and truthfully makes me want to run in the opposite direction; however I took this inspiring moment as the perfect opportunity to share a post that I've been wanting to share for some time now.

If you really knew me...

You'd know I talk too much when I get nervous. 

You'd know that my heart belongs in San Francisco and one day plan to call it home.

You'd know I believe in surrounding myself with positive people
And a happily ever after.

You'd know I want a large family but not until I'm thirty, of course.

You'd know that I refuse to use blue pen; the idea of blue ink touching my paper strikes a nerve.

If you really knew me...

You'd know that I am always in favor of watching cat videos as it easily has me entertained for hours.

You'd know that I want to travel the world.

You'd know I'm practically blind and often wave to people; mistaking them as my friends. Or back into cars at night.

You'd know that I am terrified of horror movies or anything with scary music in it for that matter.

You'd know that as cliche as it sounds I live by, carpe diem

If you really knew me...  

You'd know I'm overly honest at times. ambitious. & inpatient.

You'd know that I believe laughter truly is the best medicine.

And if you really knew me you'd know that I'm a very private person, writing this post is one of the most challenging I've written thus far.


  1. Love! I did one also, following Running on Happiness, and it was refreshing opening up and letting my readers know more about me - behind the clothes!

    Thanks for sharing, miss!

  2. What a wonderful post! So great getting to know you better.

  3. following back! girl you are too gorgeous and you're style is so chic and classy! love it can't wait to look around =)

  4. Loved this!! It is terrifying, I know b/c I have one like this saved & it may never make it to the blog.:)
    xo, amy

  5. gorgeous photo! :) it's really nice to know more things about you, thanks alot for sharing :) i adore your blog, reading your posts made me smile :)
    i'm now following you. XO

  6. so great idea and the cat videos is the dest part!:))

  7. I love your photo!
    Check out my blog, write your opinion and maybe...follow?

  8. Thanks for the comment, following you back

  9. Lovely post, Blue ink strikes a nerve eh? I prefer black ink too.
    I also want to travel the world - plan on travelling this year a bit more actually!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  10. Stunning. lov'in ur blog :D *new follower*

  11. You look so cute!
    I follow you back <3


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