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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Olivia Palermo: Style


I'm currently in the process of giving my closet a little spring cleaning and seeking inspiration from style icon, Olivia Palermo. Editing my closet is certainly much more difficult than I had initially anticipated considering I am having a 'what if' moment with nearly every piece. However I have learned a good investment piece goes a long way, organization is key and if you haven't worn an item (yes, including accessories) in the past 4 months you most likely never will.


  1. I love her style and she is one of my fashion icons and inspirations!

  2. Hi gorgeous,
    just found your amazing blog by chance while peeking on others and i must tell you that it´s so lovely, well structured and interesting [certainly a reflection of your personality] that it kept me totally hooked. I'm your new follower and would like to invite you to visit mine and to follow back if you appreciate it.
    wish you lots of success!!!

  3. She has an amazing style! love looking at her photos! I really like your blog, I'm glad I stopped by! come check out mine and we can start following each other?

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  4. She seriously has amazing style. Love her!!

  5. love her and i totally agree-it's so hard to edit your closet! (i need to do that!) I wish you luck:)
    May the Prada be with you


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