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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What's In My Bag

It's always fun to see what others are carrying in their bag, it's almost like getting an inside look into someone's life. With that said I thought I would share what I carry around on a daily basics {minus the obscene amount of receipts and gum wrappers}. I'm always changing up my bags based on my outfit but the goodies inside typically stay the same. What do you carry in your bag?

Springcart Boutique was so kind to give my readers 20% off there purchase, just use divine20 at checkout.  Enjoy!
  1.  Handbag {This Alexander Wang inspired bag is my most recent purchase and I am in love with the studs. The best part... it's a fraction of the price of an Alexander Wang bag, you can find the one I have here.}
  2. Gucci Wallet 
  3. Tory Burch sunnies
  4. Car Keys
  5. i-Phone {a.k.a my life line}
  6. Dior Mascara Show {I swear by this, you have to try it!}
  7. Eyelash Curler
  8. Extra jewelery {You never know when you need to spruce up an outfit.}
  9. Burberry Brit Mini Perfume
  10. Comb
  11. Gucci Pouch {Acts as my emergency kit with hand sanitizer, safety pins, etc.}
  12. Organizer {Found this golden beauty at Target.}
  13. C.O. Bigelow Mentha Tinted Lip Shine {One word: amazing}
Enjoy dolls! xo


  1. I really thought that was the Rocco when I first saw this post. That bag is fabulous and thank for the link. I may need to get it!

    DiorShow mascara is a favorite of mine too and I love your sunnies.

  2. Wow, that bag is awesome and super cheap! Thanks for the heads up! Great blog you have!! :)

    P.S. How is the faux leather? Does it look cheap in person?? I just might pick one up myself!


  3. I love what's in my bag posts! Thanks for sharing! And I agree with the other ladies this is a Rocco twin! Great find!

  4. haha i like this. i was thinking of doing a post like this recently but i really need to clean out my purse first. :)


  5. Your A. Wang inspired bag is rad.


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